25 Mar 2015
Staying Informed with Supplements

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Choice Sports

While we believe that if a sports man or woman eats properly, nutritional supplements are unnecessary, if an athlete should take a product he/she should take one that is tested independently by LGC in the UK in their Informed Choice / Sport programme. LGC are the largest and most credible tester of banned substances in supplements in the world and are the market leaders.

Informed Sport certified means that every single batch of the product is tested for banned substances before it is released to the public for sale.

Informed Choice certified means that the product is tested once a month from samples randomly selected from the shelves in retailers. If a product tests positive it is then recalled.

Look out for these logos on sports supplements:

Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice

Follow the links in the LGC newsletter below to see which products are certified. Remember that the majority of positive doping cases seen in Rugby in South Africa last year were due to contamination of sports supplements with banned substances (usually stimulants). The same applied to many other sports.